Have you come to, ordered from or even heard of, Papacinos? No? Well, it’s time you have.

Located in, Deer Park, NY’s industrial area, very close to the borders of  West Islip and North Babylon. Papacino’s has been serving the people of this area, by serving up amazing dishes at this location since June of 2010. That is not, however, when it all began. Chef and owner of, Papacinos, Chuck, as his customers know him, grew up in the town of Babylon, and he had been doing only catering for all types of events from corporate meetings to weddings. That was until the clamoring for more of his food by those who had tasted it, fed his desire to do more. It was then he opened, Papacinos, in its present locale.

You can visit, Papacinos, for something as simple as a bagel, however, there is more; it is actually like a fine delicatessen. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves on the authenticity, taste and quality of their, Philly cheese steak. And this is not by accident. Chuck spent time in Philly, learning the secrets in some of that city’s best kitchens. The only difference in the cheese steak sandwich, is the hint of N.Y. that can be found in the fabulous, N.Y. sourced, breads.

The staff here at, Papacino’s, does not feel that we have customers, but rather, friends and  pride ourselves in that, “personal touch,” Besides creating daily cold and hot specials, there is virtually nothing that we cannot make for you.

One more thing on the menu there; you will always get a smile when walking into, Papacinos. We have been referred to as  the, “Cheers,” of delis.